Want to shoot an AK47? Explore the Lahemaa National Park? Or do you want to investigate the old Soviet Prison? That is all possible, our hostel Tallinn Backpackers offers you a wide range of tours and activities. Some are for free and every day, like our pub cralws and city walking tours. Others can be booked upon arrival, but can also be arranged in advance by email. Especially if you are interested in the day trip to Lahemaa and Paldiski we recommend you to book in advance.

Below a small selection of all our activities. There is much more, which you can find on our message board at the reception at the hostel in Tallinn.

Pub Crawls

11289028_1440569946246223_6069595580323003150_oJoin Tallinn’s legendary pub crawl for the best party in town!

– Unlimited beer and cider during Power Hour in our hostel bar
– Discounts on all shots in our hostel bar
– Free welcome shot at every bar we visit
– Free entrance at Tallinn’s biggest night club
– The biggest party possible in Tallinn guided by experienced leaders

Price: €15 for our guests


Day Trips

Lahemaa Tour

Käsmu, the Captain's Village

Käsmu, the Captain’s Village

See more of Estonia during our day trip to the Lahemaa National Park: a lovely day of chilling in the woods combined with pleasant amount culture.

Lahemaa, which translates as  “Land of Bays”, lies about 50km east from Tallinn on the highway to St. Petersburg. It’s the oldest National Park in the Baltics and offers a wide range of interesting spots. Highlights of the day are the boardwalk through the Viru Bog, a visit to Estonia’s biggest waterfall and the idyllic fishing village Käsmu, famous for its beautiful scenery of the coast, scattered with huge boulders.

Other stops include some curious ancient circle graves, an ancient fortress mount with a splendid view over the bays and the biggest manor complex in Estonia. On the way there we also drive you through Läsnamae district and the phosphor factory of Maardu, two typical remainder of the Soviet era.

Halfway the trip we stop at a cozy wooden tavern, where you can order some of the best Estonian dishes for a very decent price.

Trips depart Tallinn at 11am and usually return around 6pm.

Price: €40

Paldiski Tour


On this daytrip we head for the former Soviet town, Paldiski. Until 1994 the Red Army was based here, where they built a secret training school for submariners and refused entry to anyone who wasn’t military-related. When the Soviet army left (3 years after Estonia regained independence) with their families the town became almost deserted.

Before we reach Paldiski we’ll first stop at the ruins of the manor in Keila Joa. The complex is built around a scenic river and its waterfall. We’ll walk there over the “bridge of love locks”, a Russian marriage tradition. Those who feel particularely adventurous, could try to cross the creek barefood. Be carefull, it might be slippery!

In Paldiski we take a look at the marine school and pass the desolated concrete flats. At least, if there are still some left, because the Estonian government is slowly demolishing them all.

Just outside the town you’ll be positively surprised with the natural beauty of Paldiski’s cliffs and their view over the Baltic sea. On a nice day we can do here a picknick; otherwise we will visit a little restaurant in town.

To finish the day we drive to the ruins of a Swedish monastery in Padise. it is one of the oldest buildings in Estonia. If you’re interested, we can stop on the way back in a small bar where they sell draught beer for a ridiculously low price!

We leave Tallinn at 11am and return around 5pm.

Price: €40

AK 47 shooting

13407323_593575720817102_7001575970307550753_nWe offer you an indoor range equipped to all modern standards and is fully licensed by Estonian Government. Maximum shooting distance is 17 meters (approx 19 yards), per your request we can build and set up stages of shooting competition, targets used are IPSC metric cardboard targets or metal plates, at your request we can offer other paper target types. We are the only indoor range in Estonia where you can shoot any caliber pistols/rifles without restrictions. You can come alone or with your friends – the maximum group size is 30 people! Your safety and satisfaction is our no 1 concern!

Our packages:

Basic Package (25 rounds):
AK47 (5x), Glock 9mm (10x), .38 revolver (5x) and combat pump-action shot-gun (5x)
Price: €50

Full Package: (33 rounds):
AK47 (5x), Glock 9mm (10x), .38 revolver (5x), combat pump-action shot-gun (5x), .m4 (5x) and .44 magnum revolver (3x)
Price: €75

Exclusive Package (71 rounds):
AK47 (30x) , Glcok 9mm pistol 10x, combat pump-action shot-gun (5x), .M4 (10x), James Bond pistol Walther (5x) , Al Capone Thompsson (10x), Desert Eagle (1x)
Price: €90